At Ginza Second Life,

our job is to assist you on various fields of incubation and business operation. Utilize us as your good partner so that you can concentrate on your core competence.


Incubation & Business Operation Support


Primary Service

  1. Rental office space
  2. Incorporation & private office setup consultation(Including setting up a company & private office in Japan)
  3. Management and financial consultation
  4. Legal, personnel, general and administrative acting & consultation
  5. Operation and planning of Seminar, Groupestudy, various Ibent & Party
  6. Others

1: Rental office
Ginza Entre Salon

Located on the ground floor of a building in Ginza along Showa Dori Stip. Please use this rental office space for your work or study room. (Tokyo Metro Government Regional Small Business Assist Fund selected program)

2: Entrepreneur' meeting
Ginza Entre Exchange Meeting

Each month, some eighty entrepreneurs meet up to exchange business information and sales promotion opportunities.
Members only exchange meeting is also held.

3: Second Life Incubation Support

Incorporation Consulting
Apt Incubation Method is advised

Support in necessary legal and financial affairs upon starting up new business. We resolve wide range of problems on your post retirement incubation.

Ginza Street Office

Message from the representative

"One day I felt the importance of the second life when I was caring for my grandmother.
Human lifespan is extending year after year; it is everyone's concern including myself to carry on satisfactory days throughout life.
My wish is to support as many people as possible to be able to walk along satisfied second life"