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Service of Administrative Scrivener

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Description of Service


Incorporation of a company

Incorporating is to become an investor and proprietor. There are various types of incorporation; one needs to consider the suitable type for the business. Our professional scrivener will fully support you upon incorporation.

Filing for Licenses Application

When starting a business, it is necessary to apply for permits and licenses. Presently there are over 50 types of permits; one needs to confirm the necessity of such. Scriveners will stand between you and the authority, file for complicated applications on your behalf.


Funding Support

There are various grants available. The scrivener will assist you on application.

Bookkeeping Service

While keeping accounting record is essential to a business, it is also nuisance to maintain proper bookkeeping. Accounting and taxation are complicated.
As an entrepreneur, you can outsource such time taking task. It may help you concentrate on the business, leading to higher sales volume. Without financial burden on hiring an accounting staff, cost is saved for higher profit. Tax due may also be reduced. Please inquire for detail.

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